Since 1912, the Chanatry family has set out to provide a local and personalized grocery shopping experience that you won’t find at the national chains and big box stores. But what you will find at Chanatry’s Hometown Market is a friendly and welcoming staff. You’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables and quality meat for the grill in our produce and butcher sections. You’ll find made from scratch bakery items baked fresh in our bakery daily. You’ll find all of your favorite grocery items from the best brands in our 50,000 sq. ft. market. And we guarantee that you’ll find all of this at the most competitive prices around.

We are excited and passionate to provide you with a unique shopping experience and our staff is here to cater to all of your grocery shopping needs. Everything you’ll find at Chanatry’s Hometown Market from the upgrades in our store, to the layout of our service departments, to the products that we offer, and our curbside pick-up service, are all focused on making Chanatry’s Hometown Market the most shopper-friendly store around. And being voted “Best of the Best” in the Mohawk Valley, year after year, is a testament to our family achieving that standard.

Our Success

Sadly, independent grocery stores are a dying breed. Along with them go some of the local flavor and character that are unique to the communities that they represent. But we understand that in the highly competitive grocery business, customers have options. So we work hard every day to ensure that we are providing you with the best option.

How do we do it? We start by treating our employees right. By treating every member of the Chanatry’s Hometown Market team with respect and providing competitive compensation, our team members treat each other with respect and, most importantly, treat our customers with respect. Employing people who enjoy coming to work every day, knowing they’re making a positive impact in the lives of our customers, along with offering a great selection of groceries at affordable prices, make Chanatry’s Hometown Market the best grocery store in the Utica, NY, area.

Supporting the Community

Giving you the best shopping experience and offering competitive pricing, weekly sales, and online coupons for additional savings have helped make us who we are today. But we know that our overall success relies on the success of our local community.

And that is why we are committed to supporting Central New York and the Mohawk Valley as much as possible. We purchase goods and services locally whenever we can to help support other business owners in the area because they also contribute to helping build our strong community. We spend about $3 million locally each year that goes directly into the local economy. We pay local taxes, support schools and churches and other local charities. Our staff aren’t just employees at Chanatry’s Hometown Market. We are residents of the community, your neighbors, all contributing to make the Mohawk Valley area the beautiful place it is.

The words of the Chanatry family ring true when we say, “At Chanatry’s, your dollar goes the farthest, but still stays at home.” That is our way of saying “Thank You” for your patronage and allowing us to give back to the local community.

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