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At Chanatry’s, our service departments are dedicated to expertly serving your needs. Each department is managed individually to ensure the fastest assistance times, and the very best quality care. There are always knowledgeable employees in all departments to assist you in every way, so don’t be afraid to ask any question you may have concerning our inventory!

Take some time to read up on our service departments below and discover exactly how Chanatry’s can help you find what you need:

Bakery Department

Our Bakery Department has all of the fresh, delicious, flaky treats you love. From gooey chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven to customized birthday cakes, our bakers are waiting to take your order!

Customer Service Center

Have a question about store policies? Need to make an announcement? Have a unique issue that needs immediate attention? The friendly staff in our Customer Service Center can help.

Dairy Department

Our Dairy Department has everything you need to bring a little calcium into your life. Milk, yogurt, cheese, butter – come find the creamiest items available, right here.

Deli Department

When you need your mozzarella sliced, or you want a half a pound of our bologna, talk to our experts in the deli department! We have the largest selection of meats and cheeses in the area; prepared the way you like them.

Frozen Food Department

Just add heat and dinner’s done with selections from our frozen food section! Fish, chicken, pot pies, hamburgers – whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s no need to make it all from scratch.

Meat Department

For all of you carnivores out there, the choices from Chanatry’s Meat Department can’t be matched! Pork, steak, chicken, sausage – come find the exotic options you want for your entrées tonight.

Produce Department

Fresh veggies are the key to a healthy body. Chanatry’s has all the items you want! From the juiciest fruits to the crispest lettuce, the ripest tomatoes to the crunchiest apples – our selections are as tasty as they are naturally-grown.

Seafood Department

Sometimes, you just crave the lighter flavors from the sea! When those moments hit, head into Chanatry’s Seafood Department and pick up the ultra-fresh catch of the day to satisfy your hunger!

For more information concerning any of our departments, or to speak with one of our associates about any of our inventory, please call Chanatry’s at 315-724-4107.