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  • About Chanatrys
    Chanatry's Store FrontThe Unites States and particularly our Mohawk Valley have become over-stored with the big box national chains. It is difficult to walk into one of these big boxes of whatever stripe or logo and tell the difference. They are boring and are without a sense of excitement.

    At Chanatry's, excitement abounds and the customers are people and are catered to. We are constantly improving our store. Each upgrade is focused on making it the most shopper friendly store anywhere. You need not take our word for it, just ask any of the many thousands of our satisfied customers. It is no wonder Chanatry's is voted the "Best of the Best" consistently year after year.

    Chanatry's is a family business competing in a ferociously competitive market place where the big box savages show no mercy. It is not surprising that people ask us how we do it. It's true that Independent Hometown, Home loving grocers are a vanishing breed in an industry where the laws of the jungle rule.

    Our Success, among many things, depends on our wits and an organization made up of positive and motivated thinkers. You bet our team is made up of motivated thinkers.

    We believe with all our hearts and souls, that our people be treated right. Employees that are not treated right will neither treat their co-workers nor customers right. The trash bin of history is full of such failed businesses. It's so simple, nothing more than the golden rule.

    However; we also rely on the power of passion; you've got to love this business. Our founders and other great merchants who built the food business understood the power of passion. In those days and especially in the present day, we yearn not so much for profit as for the right to play. Don't get us wrong, we would rather contribute to non-profit organizations than to be one.

    We love Central New York and the Mohawk Valley and are deeply committed to it. Chanatry's purchases its goods and services as much as it can locally. Our Labor force is second to none. Our people are also deeply committed to our beautiful community. They spend nearly 3 million dollars locally each year. Chanatry's pays local taxes, supports local schools and houses of worship and also contributes widely to our local charities. It is so very true when we say "At Chanatry's your dollar goes the farthest, but still stays at home."

    We cannot afford to lose the power of passion, to discover the fierce, relentless and the undeniable power that passion releases and it's ability to raise expectations and imbue our team with a winning mindset to have fire in our collective bellies.

    • We believe that the present is shaped by the future.
    • Quality in goods, people and service breed success.
    • We are at our best when challenged.
    • Employees will never treat customers better than they are being treated.

    Bill Chanatry

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  • Savings

    For over a Century, Chanatry's has been providing The Best Deals with the Highest Quality products and Personal Service!


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  • Hometown

    logo-200x57-frameChanatry's is Close to you!

    Your Hometown Grocer since 1912

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  • Meal Plan

    Delicious Recipes and Meal Plans for your Home Cooking!

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  • Service Departments

    Quality Personal Service since 1912

    Our Service Departments are dedicated to serving your needs. Each department is managed individually to ensure the Very Best Quality Service. There are always knowledgeable employees in all departments to assist you in every way.

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    • Bakery Department

      Our In Store Bakery is dedicated to bringing you only the best quality baked goods. We have specials galore! Not to mention our everyday low prices for the Best Quality Baked Goods.

      Pastries.jpg (21313 bytes)Fresh Pastries!
      We have many varieties of fresh donuts and pastries! In Store made muffins, Danish, or croissants are always a great choice for a breakfast treat or anytime.

      Breads.jpg (18180 bytes)Fresh Bread and Rolls
      We have a large variety or freshly baked breads and rolls. Whether it's for a party, backyard barbecue, or just a sandwich our fresh baked rolls will surely hit the spot. We have the best rolls in town.

      Dessert.jpg (18836 bytes)Fresh Desserts

      Treat Yourself and your Whole Family! Quality Guaranteed!

      We have highly talented Bakers that work very hard to ensure great quality. Our ovens are cranking out product seven days a week. We have a wide variety and some unique products for everyone to enjoy.

      We Have A New Cake Program!

      All Occasion Decorated Cakes

      NEW! Portrait Cakes  

      It Will Make Your Party!

      Click Here For Details


      Birthdays, Anniversaries, Communions, Baby Showers, Graduations, Baptisms... We Have Many Custom Designs to Fit Your Special Occasion!

      Call and Place Your Order, There is a Bakery Technician waiting to assist you.


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    • Customer Service Center
      Chanatry's is Dedicated to Customer Service.

      We Know how to Treat People Right!

      We have Pleasant and Friendly associates that take pride in giving you Great Personal Service.


      Eddie jokingly says the "C" in his middle name stands for Chanatry. And that's not too far fetched since Eddie has been with Chanatry's since 1965. He has lived in this community all his life, and is dedicated to ensure personal service to Chanatry's Shoppers. His expertise in coordinating our customer service employees, will surely make your shopping more enjoyable.



      Linda has been with Chanatry's for over 16 years. She is a native of Rome, NY. In 1998 Linda became head cashier, a position she currently holds. She oversees the front end of the store and trains and supervises cashiers. She greets our customers with a smile and a cheery welcome!!!

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