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Weekly Quotes & Prayers (203)

Death • Judgement • Heaven • Hell

“Life is short and death is sure,
The hour of death remains obscure.
A soul you have and only one,
If that be lost, all hope is gone.
Waste not time ‘till time shall pass,
Eternity will come at last.
All seeing God your judge shall be,
And Heaven or Hell Your Destiny.”

Father, I thank you for my children.
You have given them to me to love, care for, and raise
for Your purposes.
Grant me the grace to love each of them the way you
want me to love them.
Grant me the faithfulness to take care of their needs.
Grant me the wisdom to lead them to Your plans for
their lives.
Grant me a deep joy for being their mother. Amen.
~ Anonymous

  • - I’ve Learned That You Can Do Something In An Instant That Will Give You Heartache For A Lifetime.
  • - I’ve Learned That It’s Taking Me A Long Time To Be The Person I Wa nt To Be.
  • - I’ve Learned That You Should Always Leave Loved Ones With Loving Wo rds. It May Be The Last Time You See Them.
  • - I’ve Learned That You Can Keep Going Long After You Think You Can’t.
  • - I’ve Learned That We Are Responsible For What We Do, No Matter How We Feel.
  • - I’ve Learned That You Control Yo ur Attitude Or It Controls Yo u.
  • - I’ve Learned That Heroes Are The People Who Do What Has To Be Done When It Needs To Be Done Regardless Of The Consequences.
  • - I’ve Learned That My Best Friend And I Can Do Anything Or Nothing And Have The Best Time.

• A kind mouth multiplies friends, and gracious lips prompt friendly greetings.
• Faithful friend is sturdy shelter; he who finds one is a treasure.
• A faithful friend is beyond price, No sum can balance his worth.
• A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy, such as he who fears God finds; for he who fears and reverences God behaves accordingly, and his friends will be like him.

My Heavenly Father, as I enter this work place,
I bring Your presence with me. I speak Your
peace, Your grace, Your mercy, and Your perfect
order into this office. I acknowledge Your power
over all that will be spoken, thought, decided,
and done within these walls.
Lord, I thank You for the gifts you have blessed
me with. I commit to using them responsibly in
Your honor. Give me a fresh supply of strength
to do my job. Anoint my projects, ideas, and
energy, so that even my smallest accomplishments
may bring You glory.
Lord, when I am confused, guide me. When I
am weary, energize me. When I am burned out,
infuse me with the light of GOD. May the work
that I do and the way I do it bring faith, joy, and
a smile to all that I come in contact with today. Amen

Lord, Thank you for the gift of HOPE
You gave us on Easter morning.
Because of you we know
That no problem is too difficult
And even death does not have power over us.
Thank you for the gift of JOY
You gave us when you were resurrected.
Because of you we know
That no matter how challenging life may be,
In the end we will rejoice again.
Thank you for this gift of LOVE.
- Amen


To get to the core of GOD at his greatest, one must first get into the core of himself at his least. Acknowledgeing our weaknesses brings us closer to God who loves us completely. Picture this: God holds us each by a string, Sin and get our of line, we cust the string. God though ties it up again, making a knot. Each time our wrong doing cuts the string. God ties another Knot, drawing us closer to him.

I could have wealth beyond my dreams, But where is the joy in that?

And I could travel the seven seas, But I would always come back.

Everyone could know my name, And there would be no peace.

I could have undying love, And heartaches still increase.

No, if I were wealthy beyond my dreams ( And where is the joy in that?)

It wouldn’t buy friendship such as yours-- And there IS Joy in that!

And to that let us add:

May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart,

and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.

Think Spring


The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Lenten season to many people brings thoughts of sacrifice, giving up something in an effort to grow spiritually. In our eyes, we think our sacrifice is great, and in many cases it is; however; it should be remembered we can never outgive God, who made the ultimate sacrifice. You know that neighbor down the street that no one likes? Find a way to be friendly. Listen to someone you don’t enjoy. Smile more. Show an understanding to a friend who’s having a bad day. Add an extra “I love you” to your conversation at home. It is worth it because you are dust and to dust you will return.

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