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To Our Customers

We would like to take a little timeout here to express our thanks to you. We are one community and Chanatry's is fortunate to be part of it, but it is due to you, our loyal patrons. You voting us as the number 1 supermarket in the Mohawk Valley is appreciated, so again thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Chanatry's has been serving our Mohawk Valley community since 1912. So much has changed since our parents sold pita bread from push carts at a store front on Bleecker Street. Yes, much has gone by: two World Wars, the Great Depression, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and in recent memory the Gulf War and the ongoing War on Terrorism. We have seen the way of the trolley, steam locomotives and the advent of the age of the airplane. Still Chanatry's is your local independent grocer - the first true supermarket in upstate New York that has been serving you continuously.

At this time, we’re making our pledge to rededicate ourselves to continue to earn your patronage and support by emphasizing quality foods, personal service, and, as always, our low prices. Your loyalty and support these many years is cherished, and we always want to be close to you.

Mark Chanatry

Chanatry's Mark