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About Us

Who We Are:

The Unites States, and particularly our Mohawk Valley, has become over-stored with the big box national chains. It is difficult to walk into one of these big boxes of whatever stripe or logo and tell the difference. They are boring, without a sense of excitement.

At Chanatry's, excitement abounds and the customers are people and are catered to! We are constantly improving our store. Each upgrade is focused on making it the most shopper-friendly store anywhere. You need not take our word for it. Just ask any of the many thousands of our satisfied customers! It is no wonder Chanatry's is voted the "Best of the Best" consistently, year after year.

A Supermarket Among Markets:

Chanatry's is a family business that competes in a ferociously-competitive market place, where the big box savages show no mercy. It is not surprising that people ask us how we do it. It's true that independent hometown, home-loving grocers are a vanishing breed in an industry where the laws of the jungle rule. But we make it work.

The Keys to Our Success:

Our success, among many things, depends on our wits and an organization made up of positive and motivated thinkers! We believe with all our heart and soul, that our people should be treated right. Employees that aren’t treated right can never treat their co-workers nor our customers right. The trash bin of history is full of such failed business models, and we refuse to be one of them. To us, it's so simple. It’s nothing more than the golden rule.

However; we also rely on the power of passion! You've got to love this business. Our founders, and other great merchants who built the food business, understood the power of passion. In those days - and especially today - we yearn not so much for profit as for the right to play. Don't get us wrong, we would rather contribute to non-profit organizations than to be one. But we always honor our passion for the industry, as it drives us to excel.

Part of the Local Community:

We love Central New York and the Mohawk Valley and are deeply committed to it. Chanatry's purchases its goods and services locally as much as it can. Our labor force is second-to-none, and our people are also deeply-committed to our beautiful community. We spend nearly $3 million dollars locally each year. Chanatry's pays local taxes, supports local schools and houses of worship, and also contributes widely to our local charities! It is so very true when we say "At Chanatry's your dollar goes the farthest, but still stays at home."

Looking Towards the Future:

We believe that the future is shaped by the present. Quality in goods, people, and services breed success not just for today, but for tomorrow as well. By challenging ourselves, we are at our best. When our employees are challenged and appreciated in their day-to-day, they can use that to treat our customers the way they always should be treated – like members of our family.

Management Team

Meet the higher minds behind the Chanatry’s success story, and get to know our management team and other staff members! 

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To Our Customers

Our President, Mark Chanatry, would like to extend a special message to all of our customers – past, present, and future. See what he has to say.

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News and Articles

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Weekly Quotes/Prayers

It helps us and guides us every day to do what is right for ourselves and our customers. Take some time to review some prayers and quotes that may help you!

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For more information about Chanatry’s, or to ask about any of our fine products, please call us at 315-724-4107.